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ESDS research methods and data analysis guides

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ESDS provides a range of resources to assist teachers and students of research methods and data analysis. The following guides cover research design, survey design and analysis, using software for analysing data, secondary analysis of qualitative data, managing research data and consent and ethics.

1970 British Cohort Study Malaise Inventory Teaching Resource

Analysing change over time: repeated cross sectional and longitudinal survey data

Computer Assisted Interviewing (Question Bank Factsheet 8)

Developing Indicators for Concepts (Question Bank Factsheet 7)

Evaluating Survey Questions (Question Bank Factsheet 4)

Last Refuge Teaching Resource

Likert Items and Scales (Survey Question Bank Methods Fact Sheet 1)

Managing and sharing data: training resources

Methods of Data Collection in Social Surveys (Question Bank Factsheet 2)

Mode Effects (Question Bank Factsheet 6)

Pioneers of qualitative research

video image Producing a map using Google Fusion Tables (Video)

Questions and Answers in Surveys (Question Bank Factsheet 3)

Reusing qualitative data

Small area estimation using key UK surveys an introductory guide

Survey Interviewing (Question Bank Factsheet 5)

Teaching resource: interview methods

Teaching resource: Non-interview methods

Teaching resource: using psychosocial approaches

The R guide to UK Data Service key UK surveys

What are hierarchical files?

What is complex sample design?

What is SPSS 20 for Windows?

What is Stata?

What is weighting?

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