ESDS has moved to the UK Data Service. Users registered with ESDS - what you need to know
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ESDS overview guides

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ESDS supports a huge range of social and economic datasets for secondary analysis for research and teaching. The following guides are produced to help orientate users new to ESDS. They provide information and advice on: finding and accessing data; registering and using data; the ESDS web site; and using data in teaching and learning.

Advice for new users

video image Creating an Intensity Map using Google Fusion Tables (Video)

Discover: help


video image How to download a subset of survey data using Nesstar (Video)

video image How to download UK survey data (Video)

video image How to log in to the Secure Lab (Video)

video image How to register with ESDS (Video)

Key data: Examples of the data collections available through the UK Data Service

UK Census Resources: Access and Support

UK Data Service: Introducing our data and services

Ways to get data from the UK Data Service

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Here are some links to get started with the service:

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