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ESDS data management guides

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ESDS provides guidance and training on all aspects of data management and sharing. This is provided in the form of web-based and printed advice, training and a help desk. The guides provide data creators, data managers and data curators with best practice strategies and methods for creating, preparing and storing shareable datasets.

Cataloguing Procedures and Guidelines

Data citation: what you need to know

Data Processing Quick Reference

Data Processing Standards

Depositing data (Video)

video image Depositing shareable survey data

Documentation Processing Procedures

Managing and sharing data: training resources

Managing and Sharing Research Data: a Guide to Good Practice

Microdata handling and security: guide to good practice

video image Preparing your data collection for deposit (Video)

Qualitative Data Ingest Processing Procedures

Quantitative Data Processing Procedures

Searching and sharing qualitative data: the uses of XML

UK Data Archive Collections Development Policy

UK Data Archive Preservation Policy

UK Data Service: Prepare and manage your data

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